MHM – Schizoid and Schizotypal. What’s the difference?

Schizoid and schizotypal personality disorders are in fact completely unrelated. They are both ‘eccentric’ personality disorders, but their characteristics, their outcomes and their relation to schizophrenia are both entirely unalike, though some characteristics may cause similar outcomes. The first and most notable distinction is that schizoid is NOT related to schizophrenia and includes no danger […]

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MHM Myths – Triggers

So why am I talking about triggers in a MHM Myths post/vlog? Triggers certainly aren’t a myth, but I wanted to talk about an unsettling trend I’ve been noting over the past fews years. That trend is people using the words triggered/triggers/trigger to describe *possibly* upsetting/distressing/emotionally taxing content in things they haven’t seen (books/movies/news stories […]

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MHM: Resolutions and Depression

Hello to 2016 and  sort of a new/old direction for this blog. These MHM posts will continue, with links to the videos but I won’t link or blog about the book videos anymore, though I may do the odd review on here too. Anyway, to today’s topic, very relevant for January. Resolutions. Specifically, how the […]

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