Poetic Interlude… Synergy

You roll your feet Imagine roots Dug down deep Searching heat at the core It would warm you from the Inside out A perpetual fire Stretch fingers to the sky Soak in rain Call sunshine down to hungry hands To meet fire with fire Co-mingle and spread Become a divinity You think it must be […]

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MHM Recovery 5: Self Care 3

Talking today about the four things I try to keep an eye on and a routine with because I know doing so will help keep me level. Those four things are: Diet: Not diet-ing, just what I eat. I hate salad (not all salad just can’t eat it too frequently because it’s boring and doesn’t […]

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MHM Recovery 4: Self Care 2

Talking in this one about pyjamas/relaxing time and how, when you’ve begun recovery from MH issues they can take on unusual significance. Not the normal wearing of pyjamas when asleep, the wearing of them once awake, even when you’re having a lazy day and have nothing left to do but relax. Thing is, you see, […]

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