MHM:S.A.D/S.A.D-like-feelings & Self Care

Beginning note: I have not mentioned light therapy. I haven’t tried it. It seems expensive to me (both for utility bills and initial pay out for equipment). It is proven to work though, and tackles the depression feelings of SAD, which is immensely useful. I think that coupled with the things below it would be […]

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MHM: Resolutions and Depression

Hello to 2016 and  sort of a new/old direction for this blog. These MHM posts will continue, with links to the videos but I won’t link or blog about the book videos anymore, though I may do the odd review on here too. Anyway, to today’s topic, very relevant for January. Resolutions. Specifically, how the […]

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MHM Recovery 13

This time around on mental health Monday I’m tackling the subject of frustration. Specifically the frustration deriving from that gap between where you feel you should be with your recovery and where you actually are. When you start to feel better you want to start doing all the things you missed out on when you […]

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MHM Recovery 6: Empty Days

Talking this week about those days when you wake up hollow and out of all resources. I see them as days when the collected stress of trying to cope with mental illness or recovery and trying to deny that it’s as hard as it is become too much for your head and it just taps […]

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MHM Recovery 5: Self Care 3

Talking today about the four things I try to keep an eye on and a routine with because I know doing so will help keep me level. Those four things are: Diet: Not diet-ing, just what I eat. I hate salad (not all salad just can’t eat it too frequently because it’s boring and doesn’t […]

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MHM Recovery 4: Self Care 2

Talking in this one about pyjamas/relaxing time and how, when you’ve begun recovery from MH issues they can take on unusual significance. Not the normal wearing of pyjamas when asleep, the wearing of them once awake, even when you’re having a lazy day and have nothing left to do but relax. Thing is, you see, […]

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MHM 3: Self Care 1

This week I’m starting my series of ‘self care’ vlogs with a talk on how your ability to give a shit about your physical appearance and cleanliness changes and how odd it is to start caring about that when it’s literally impossible when you are ill. I touch on the outward appearance cultivated during excursions […]

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