2015 Reading Challenge, Book 23: The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist

This book is set in a future within which women at age 50 and men at age 60 are given two choices if childless or in a dispensible profession: euthanise yourself, or enter The Unit. In The Unit, every possible comfort is provided, but only the healthy can go in as the payment for this […]

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Clarion Write-a-thon Round-up…

So, I’m participating (again) in the Clarion write-a-thon, you can find my profile here. I’ve edited it a touch since I first decided to re-register, and my new aims (not yet updated, but hopefully soon) are at least 1k a day, with aspirations of up to 3k. My over-arching goal being to finish a little […]

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Lady Partridge in a Pair Tree

The Paradoxicon lies in the grounds of Effingham Hall, somewhere out on the edge of SaxonBury EastMidlington, and is owned by the noble Partridge family. An old and esteemed branch of the Royal line, the Partridges have resided at Effingham as long as it has existed. Twelve generations of Partridges, each more apathetic than the […]

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