Tales of The Nun and Dragon: Casting Couch

To celebrate the release this past Monday of the fabulous Tales of the Nun and Dragon by Fox Spirit Press (which I have a story in) I bring you the official press release and competition and then a little bit of fun about my story: Fox Spirit Books are delighted to announce that the long […]

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Poetic Interlude: These Old Men

These old men Eyes ancient as mountain-sides I watched them Race down hills Through parks and alleys In streetcars With no desires left But for the easy wicked breeze Blowing all that grey That wizened sign of age A halo of sheer elation As they go screaming, racing, chasing After nothing but to go faster […]

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Poetic Interlude: Scio

Scio “knowing in the fullest sense of the word” Fractured Fractals of light Burst, blossom, carouse In midnight vision It’s a dull heart beat Booms in the distance Like warfare On the horizon Eagle wing feather Curling on airflow Flutter, breathe, faint, In startling clarity Rise before them A tower, a mass A waterfall standing […]

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