Fantasycon 2015 – Where on earth will I be?

I didn’t write one of these when everyone else did as, well, I’m a neophyte and rather imagined it wouldn’t be necessary to shout out either the fact that I’m actually at the con, or that I have a panel. But hey, I’M ACTUALLY AT THIS CON, and I’m both super excited and pants-wettingly terrified […]

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2015 Reading Challenge, Book 20: The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

This was originally lots of interconnected shorts and was formed into a collected edition you can pretty much read as a novel, chronicling several abortive attempts to colonise Mars and the stories of settlers etc. It’s a fascinating collection, with a great deal of brilliant analysis into various topics: treatment of indigenous peoples, racism, censorship, mankind’s attitude to […]

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Behind The Lonely Dark: Part 2

Apparently, we’re supposed to let themes bubble away beneath story and character, carrying through in a strong yet subtle tide that does not interfere with the narrative thrust. I don’t think it’s part of my particular skill set, as my themes always tend to end up fairly high in the mix. In other words, thanks […]

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Through A Dragonfly’s Wing

Arms trembling, stippled at the touch of air, I claw my way out of the dirt. As my head breaks the surface, the warm weight of sunlight causes the membranes to flick across my eyes. I see, through a dragonfly’s wing, the hazy faces of my sister Lera, my hyber-mate Rol. It is time for […]

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