MHM:S.A.D/S.A.D-like-feelings & Self Care

Beginning note: I have not mentioned light therapy. I haven’t tried it. It seems expensive to me (both for utility bills and initial pay out for equipment). It is proven to work though, and tackles the depression feelings of SAD, which is immensely useful. I think that coupled with the things below it would be […]

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MHM Recovery 14

This time around I’m tackling the difficult subject of people as safe zones. When you’re ill it might benefit you to have someone who can go places with you so you don’t feel scared/anxious/exposed. If you’re lucky enough to have the sort of person who understands and is compassionate enough to do that for you, […]

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MHM Recovery 9 – Excess Emotion

Forgot to put an intro card on this video – where is my head? I dunno. *eyeroll* So, excess emotions? Straightforward right? Nope. Not only are we talking about being overwhelmed by emotional states in illness (such as despair or anger), we’re talking about regaining emotions after being flatlined for a long time and not […]

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MHM 3: Self Care 1

This week I’m starting my series of ‘self care’ vlogs with a talk on how your ability to give a shit about your physical appearance and cleanliness changes and how odd it is to start caring about that when it’s literally impossible when you are ill. I touch on the outward appearance cultivated during excursions […]

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