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Published Novels:


Escapology (2016)


Shock Pao is the best. There isn’t a system he can’t crack into, nothing he can’t steal for the right price. Outside virtual world the Slip, though, he’s a Fail—no degree, no job, no affiliations to protect him from angry ex-customers. Of which he has quite a few. So when his ex brings Shock a job which could help him escape his miserable existence, he accepts, little realizing that it will turn out to be his most impossible, illegal and insane assignment yet.

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Virology (2017)

It’s been four weeks since Shock Pao broke open the virtual world of the Slip. With the stolen bio-ware Emblem in his head, he controls all the world’s systems, and so the shadiest characters in Foon Gung are desperate to track him down. Shock and the Hornets are running out of places to hide. Meanwhile, the Patient Zeros’ cryptic illness is worsening. The source of the disease points to the distant hubs; Earth’s former cities snatched up and sent into orbit. With their pursuers nearing and time running out to find the cure, the Hornets flee skywards, from the insane underworld of Tokyo to the throngs of New York, all the time moving towards an evil that makes Hive Queens look like garden insects.

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The Lonely Dark (novella – out now!) –

cover_ld02Irenon and the Cerenauts aboard her will be the final hope of thousands of colonists deserted after the failure of the AI deep space programme. The burden falls on Ingmar and Yuri, orphans both, chosen for their ability to cope with isolation and innate mental strength. But how to anticipate what level of strength might be needed when only one creature, the AI Danai, knows what waits for them out there in the darkness? Danger that cannot be seen, quantified, or understood. That will find them in their worst and best memories, the sanctuaries and horrors of their past and, eventually, the corridors of the Irenon herself.

This is where Ingmar will finally understand the last words Danai said to her, a warning: Stay away from the lonely dark.

You can find this on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here – or in any other English speaking territory as far as I’m aware.

Coming 2019:


Bone Adams: mortician, legend, the only living being without any body modifications in a world where body mods define humanity.

Called to unravel the contortionist horror of Rope’s victims, Bone finds their mods removed, the only clue to their identities a tattooed tag on each body.  As he delves deeper into the mystery of these nameless bodies, he realises they are an encoded message aimed at him.

Persuaded by City Officer Stark, he enters the labyrinth of the sewers, chasing Stark’s primary suspect; semi-mythical Man-Machine Burneo. It leads Bone to an unsettling encounter and a gut-churning discovery, a gift that confirms he is the focus of Rope’s game. Shell-shocked, Bone runs to his familiar haven, a bar, where he meets the enigmatic Lever and witnesses her perform an act so inhuman his mind cracks.

He becomes fixated on her, on change. Embarks on his own mission of discovery to the Zone, the centre of modification in his home city, The Spires. There, he learns things about himself, and the world he thinks he knows that test his sanity to its limit. He chases Lever’s trail from tattoo parlour to Zone sanctuary, oblivious to the coils closing in around him as he runs blindly toward a confrontation that may cost him everything he is.

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