MHM Recovery 5: Self Care 3

Talking today about the four things I try to keep an eye on and a routine with because I know doing so will help keep me level. Those four things are: Diet: Not diet-ing, just what I eat. I hate salad (not all salad just can’t eat it too frequently because it’s boring and doesn’t […]

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2015 Reading Challenge, Book 19: Leave It To Psmith by P.G. Wodehouse

Wodehouse is brilliant, end of. His books are, naturally, set in bubble world fantasies stocked with dapper gents in spats, terrifying matriarchs and wily servants, but they are truly things of wonder. Nothing can make me so instantly cheerful as a Wodehouse novel. This is his usual fare, a comedy of wonderfully disastrous errors which, unlike the […]

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New things and Youtube…

Well then, hello 2015! For propers. This year I won’t be offering any serial fiction on here as I’m concentrating on both writing and getting my shit together with a few business ideas I have. Usually I have serial fiction on this blog and the occasional thoughts piece or poem or review. I tried some […]

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Lucky Seven Meme

Both Colin Barnes and Fran Terminiellio tagged heck out of me for this Lucky 7 Meme post madness, this means I should probably spew out a non-Umwelt blog, right? Right. 😛 Here we go… Rules of the game (fairly simple and fun): *Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP *Go to line 7 *Copy […]

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