Episode 17: Umwelt: All’s Well That… Ends?

Kitty slides back from the infinite pull of the Mother’s exit. That pinprick singularity hungry for energy. Half of his essence seeks escape to the void, to the grasping maw of soulless black; the other courts the gravity of flesh, the anchor of energy made physical mass. A brief struggle rages in the midst whilst […]

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Umwelt: Episode 10: Pretty Kitty

Peggy Dunne’s horn blows thrice, a warning of imminent departure. In the waning sunlight it ripples mournful as an eagle’s cry about the platform. Petulant, slender as a quill, Sebus Grimm leans upon the platform rail beside the bluff breadth of SlipMaster Elder Cambian. Sebus folds one long hand into the pocket of his waistcoat, […]

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Episode 9: Umwelt: Bum Banditos

Beady eye peeks sneaky, subtle. Shines through the slim gap between door and wall, bright as a bauble. Rolls to and fro, scanning the slew of bodies strutting on the street. Meg skip hops from one spindle-heel shod foot to the other. Leek leans across, peers over the top of her head. ‘What’s cookin’ Meg? […]

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