2015 Reading Challenge, book 3: Hollow Space Venture

This week’s Reading Challenge vlog is the ‘Book That Made You Cry’. It’s not for any reason you might imagine, considering this book is FUN, and crazy, and action packed as all get out. Hope you enjoy the vlog. I’m trying to keep them fun, give a little overview of plot and generally tell you what […]

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What’s behind a story?

I wrote a rather odd little number for Colin Barnes City of Hell Chronicles, Volume one. I thought it might be interesting to use this particular story to share a little of the varied lightning bolts that pulse life into the dead meat of a story, as it’s something I see asked often (though of […]

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City of Hell Rises!

Well, it’s the first of December and Maurr is finally amongst us. You can now pop along to several fine establishments and buy not only the ebook but also a beautiful print copy (see links below). I bought a couple of copies myself, for posterity (this is my first officially published story) and because this […]

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Interview From Hell

In anticipation of the spewing forth of Volume 1 of the City of Hell anthology in December, the chroniclers who committed to record Maurr’s rise to power were subjected to vile torture. Asked a number of hellish questions we were brutalised until we provided answers. What follows is the result of many hours of toe-nail […]

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Fall and Rise of Little Lake

Colin F. Barnes is a quill-wielder of short fiction and obsessive novelist. He writes dark, edgy Sci-Fi, Horror and Thrillers. This website features some of his work, his thoughts, and general writing balderdash. Here’s more about him. Colin currently has a co-authored anthology of short fiction out with Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff called ‘Killing Your Boss’. […]

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