Where I’ll Be: FantasyCon 2018

I thought I’d better make one of these posts explaining where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing in Chester at FantasyCon this weekend, just in case anyone has any interest.

I’m on three panels with absolutely lovely folk, all of which I’m very much looking forward to, and I have a reading with some rather splendid fellow authors of the Weird, for which I shall be horrifying all and sunder with an excerpt from COIL, so do come along to that. I guarantee a treat!

When not on panels or in my reading, I’ll likely be in the bar or wandering about looking bemused. Do say hi!

A lil ole round-up of times, places and panel titles for your edification (I’m on some bloody brilliant panels, they promise to be good and meaty):


5pm: The Victoria: Writing The Immortal Enemy – Panel


10am: The Victoria: When Magic Goes Wrong – Panel

7pm: The Disraeli: Weird Fiction – Reading

10pm: The Edward: Putting The ‘Punk’ In Fiction – Panel


That’s all there is. See you there!

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