Guest Post: Anne Michaud: Girls & Monsters

The fabulous, dark Anne Michaud has a deliciously morbid collection of novellas entitled Girls & Monsters coming out with DarkFuse at the end of April (check below for a truly splendid competition – a chance to win a copy of the book and some handmade monsters crafted by Anne herself!). In anticipation of the unleashing of her […]

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Interview With Gary Bonn… YA author, Palaeoquest madman and artist extraordinaire…

Well, so today on my blog I have a guest again, the fantastic and multi-talented Mr. Gary Bonn. His novels are extraordinary works of visual, visceral, intelligent storytelling, his art work (featured throughout) is magnificent, his entrepreneurial spirit and heart for humanity makes him one of my very favourite people. He’s been good enough to […]

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Fall and Rise of Little Lake

Colin F. Barnes is a quill-wielder of short fiction and obsessive novelist. He writes dark, edgy Sci-Fi, Horror and Thrillers. This website features some of his work, his thoughts, and general writing balderdash. Here’s more about him. Colin currently has a co-authored anthology of short fiction out with Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff called ‘Killing Your Boss’. […]

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