2015 Retrospective

Crikey. Here we are at the end of 2015, and it’s been quite the year. This is the year I got my book deal, started my YouTube channel and really began to feel like everything might be coming together at last. Not merely in terms of my dreams coming to fruition but in terms of […]

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MHM Recovery 14

This time around I’m tackling the difficult subject of people as safe zones. When you’re ill it might benefit you to have someone who can go places with you so you don’t feel scared/anxious/exposed. If you’re lucky enough to have the sort of person who understands and is compassionate enough to do that for you, […]

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MHM Recovery 13

This time around on mental health Monday I’m tackling the subject of frustration. Specifically the frustration deriving from that gap between where you feel you should be with your recovery and where you actually are. When you start to feel better you want to start doing all the things you missed out on when you […]

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MHM – Recovery 10

Today I’m tackling the subject of what I like to call ‘the bullshit mantra’ – the varied and unpleasant nonsense my head likes to bully me with, especially when I’m at my most vulnerable or sad. We all have the voices of doubt in our heads, we all fret about fitting in, succeeding, being seen […]

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