Darkness Flows Like A River Episode 23: Do As Thou Wilt

Beyond the veils, her daughters wrap themselves in robes woven from the dark tendrils of a malevolent power seeking escape from the farthest reaches of the ‘verse. Imalia lends them her assistance, coaxing the tendrils to form, deftly sewing them through one another and around the slender, shrunken bones of her beautiful daughters. When they […]

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Umwelt: Episode 10: Pretty Kitty

Peggy Dunne’s horn blows thrice, a warning of imminent departure. In the waning sunlight it ripples mournful as an eagle’s cry about the platform. Petulant, slender as a quill, Sebus Grimm leans upon the platform rail beside the bluff breadth of SlipMaster Elder Cambian. Sebus folds one long hand into the pocket of his waistcoat, […]

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