MHM: Resolutions and Depression

Hello to 2016 and¬† sort of a new/old direction for this blog. These MHM posts will continue, with links to the videos but I won’t link or blog about the book videos anymore, though I may do the odd review on here too. Anyway, to today’s topic, very relevant for January. Resolutions. Specifically, how the […]

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MHM 3: Self Care 1

This week I’m starting my series of ‘self care’ vlogs with a talk on how your ability to give a shit about your physical appearance and cleanliness changes and how odd it is to start caring about that when it’s literally impossible when you are ill. I touch on the outward appearance cultivated during excursions […]

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2015 Reading Challenge, Book 7: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I may have read this character entirely wrong, but these vlogs are all my opinion so I went with my opinion. I had significant problems with this book. Many thoughts about what concerned me reside within this week’s (much shorter) challenge vlog. I think it’s important to reiterate here that I enjoyed reading this book […]

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MHM 2: Cyclothymia

As promised, this is week two of mental health¬†Monday (they will be every two weeks, especially as I appear to be cracking through a book every week for the reading challenge). Here I go into a little more depth about cyclothymia in general (not too much as I’m no expert only an informed sufferer) and […]

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MHM AKA Mental Health Monday

Here we go. This was supposed to start last week, but technical difficulties kind of got in the way. MHM are set to be almost entirely vlogs. They’ll be informal, informative (hopefully) and chatty (though not too much). I’ve started here by going over my diagnoses so that anyone who watches these who is suffering […]

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