What’s behind a story?

I wrote a rather odd little number for Colin Barnes City of Hell Chronicles, Volume one. I thought it might be interesting to use this particular story to share a little of the varied lightning bolts that pulse life into the dead meat of a story, as it’s something I see asked often (though of […]

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City of Hell Rises!

Well, it’s the first of December and Maurr is finally amongst us. You can now pop along to several fine establishments and buy not only the ebook but also a beautiful print copy (see links below). I bought a couple of copies myself, for posterity (this is my first officially published story) and because this […]

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City of Hell Chronicles – The Door From Below and enter a City of Hell ebook giveaway…

My gore-soaked contribution to the City of Hell Chronicles Vol 1 is entitled ‘The Door From Below’. Read on, if you dare, to learn a little bit more about the horrors that await therein: Jin, Sho and Sadao, together known as C.I.D. (Capitalistic Idiot Dogs) come to Hong Kong from their home in Japan to […]

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Interview From Hell

In anticipation of the spewing forth of Volume 1 of the City of Hell anthology in December, the chroniclers who committed to record Maurr’s rise to power were subjected to vile torture. Asked a number of hellish questions we were brutalised until we provided answers. What follows is the result of many hours of toe-nail […]

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City of Hell… C.I.D. to terrorise Hong Kong…

If you haunt the hallowed halls of Tokyo’s Japcore scene you’ll know everything about C.I.D. Capitalistic Idiot Dogs/Crazy Iron Drillbit/Catastrophic Insurgent Defeat. These crazy cats, no matter what you call them, have been tearing up the scene for four years. Creating mayhem, redefining boundaries and trashing venues wherever they go, they dominate. Sho Kasai, Sadao Tanabi and […]

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