Late, late, late…

Eek, normally I have a serial episode up by today, but er…I don’t. No real excuse, it was simply leading up to my eldest spawn’s birthday (he is 15 today) and I sorta ran out of spare time to zip orf a chunk of serial action. That sounds rude. I LIKE it. Right, so, to […]

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Clarion Write-a-thon Round-up…

So, I’m participating (again) in the Clarion write-a-thon, you can find my profile here. I’ve edited it a touch since I first decided to re-register, and my new aims (not yet updated, but hopefully soon) are at least 1k a day, with aspirations of up to 3k. My over-arching goal being to finish a little […]

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Umwelt: Darkness Flows Like A River Episode 35: Consequences and Things Forgotten

Moe watches for a long time after Margo is gone. She’s left a residue. Infinite progressions like chords upon the air he can play to recreate her passage. He’s filled with two absolute certainties. That he wants to help her and doesn’t know how, and that something is missing, something is new. He doesn’t understand […]

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