MHM Recovery 12

Well… this one is about memory, the day to day of living with the memory problems that come along with mental illness and with complex PTSD’s shrinking of the hippocampus and amygdala (I only assume this is behind some of my difficulties – I do not know for sure). It got a bit real if […]

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Behind The Lonely Dark: Part 2

Apparently, we’re supposed to let themes bubble away beneath story and character, carrying through in a strong yet subtle tide that does not interfere with the narrative thrust. I don’t think it’s part of my particular skill set, as my themes always tend to end up fairly high in the mix. In other words, thanks […]

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I have a book out!

“Irenon and the Cerenauts aboard her will be the final hope of thousands of colonists deserted after the failure of the AI deep space programme. The burden falls on Ingmar and Yuri, orphans both, chosen for their ability to cope with isolation and innate mental strength. But how to anticipate what level of strength might […]

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