MHM Recovery 12

Well… this one is about memory, the day to day of living with the memory problems that come along with mental illness and with complex PTSD’s shrinking of the hippocampus and amygdala (I only assume this is behind some of my difficulties – I do not know for sure). It got a bit real if […]

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MHM Recovery 6: Empty Days

Talking this week about those days when you wake up hollow and out of all resources. I see them as days when the collected stress of trying to cope with mental illness or recovery and trying to deny that it’s as hard as it is become too much for your head and it just taps […]

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MHM Recovery 4: Self Care 2

Talking in this one about pyjamas/relaxing time and how, when you’ve begun recovery from MH issues they can take on unusual significance. Not the normal wearing of pyjamas when asleep, the wearing of them once awake, even when you’re having a lazy day and have nothing left to do but relax. Thing is, you see, […]

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