Fantasycon 2015 – Where on earth will I be?

I didn’t write one of these when everyone else did as, well, I’m a neophyte and rather imagined it wouldn’t be necessary to shout out either the fact that I’m actually at the con, or that I have a panel. But hey, I’M ACTUALLY AT THIS CON, and I’m both super excited and pants-wettingly terrified to be on a panel, so I thought I’d shout about it here, just in case anyone fancies turning up for moral support, what!

Come one, come all and witness me um, ah, and generally make a buffoon of myself in public (THE HORROR!!). So, my panel is on the Saturday (the 24th) and the details are as follows:

Room: Suite 2
5.00pm Robots, Beasts & Humanimals: Writing Non-Human Characters

Genre fiction is rife with animal companions, familiars, weres, AI entities, even robotic pets. How do you write inside the mind of the beast? Or the machine-noid? Or the undead? Or the creature that eats people?

This mostly-human panel of authors purrs and whirrs over the following:

  • the role of the non-human protagonist or side-kick
  • abilities, instincts, programming, special powers etc.
  • humanity in non-humans: what works, what doesn’t
  • inter-species communication & relationships
  • how far can we take AI, biology, technology, transhumanism or anthropomorphism?

Moderator: Guy Haley
Panelists: Janet Edwards, Deb Install, Gareth L Powell, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Ren Warom

Only look at who I get to waffle about all this marvellous stuffs with! How lovely! I think this will be an extremely interesting discussion.

The rest of the time I’ll be drinking waaaay too much coffee and talking myself hoarse, attending some launches (I never normally can because of times/locations, so this is exciting!), rocking up to panels that interest me and possibly attending the disco (I hear there’s always metal). If you’re wanting to say hi/help me talk myself hoarse (in other words, save me from talking to myself), you can spot me by the bright blue of my hair. I am reliably informed I have Homicidal Resting Face, but I’m really a sweetheart (honestly, I pre-order all my sacrifices, human and otherwise, from, therefore you’re perfectly safe! *smiles*).

Looking forward to being there and seeing all my writerly chums! What ho, tally pip and all that skullduggery!


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