MHM Recovery 12

Well… this one is about memory, the day to day of living with the memory problems that come along with mental illness and with complex PTSD’s shrinking of the hippocampus and amygdala (I only assume this is behind some of my difficulties – I do not know for sure). It got a bit real if I’m honest, not that the rest of these aren’t, but I can usually keep a lid on my shit. I didn’t here. Got a tad upset. I think it’s because this one terrifies me. I feel diminished and useless and stupid.

That’s the reality of it, so even though I thought way more than twice about putting this up, in the end I decided to. What the hell. It’s all about showing people what recovery is like, and sometimes it’s not so great. Sometimes your fears get the better of you, sometimes stuff is happening that makes everything ten times harder than it already is.

Welcome to my world.


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