MHM Recovery 8 – Dissociation and Distraction

Today I’m talking about the art of disappearing, either into yourself or something else. It can be a powerful tool against trauma, is in fact one of the most powerful ways the mind combats it. It’s also a body defense against stress, the actual nervous system behind that shutting down of all but the most basic faculties.

Whilst it is a function of the nervous system, you can also cause the state without it. As a child I used to disappear into the wall, just stare at it until everything I was went away and I couldn’t hear or see or feel anything. I think in my case both traumatic events and that childhood coping mechanism combined to cause the dissociative bouts I experience now, which are neither purposeful nor welcome.

In this video I explain a little bit about how I deal with these episodes and how functional I am during them and about my methods of detachment, which I do still utilise to cope with stress and sometimes allow to get out of control. I also talk about emotional detachment and some of the ramifications of that state. I talk in the video about being nothing but eyeballs, I did not talk about how sometimes I see my hands and wonder why they’re there. This topic is a big one, and I may do other videos on it in future.


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