2015 Reading Challenge, Book 25: The Silence by Tim Lebbon

A cave left sealed for millenia is discovered and blasted open ready to be explored, releasing a never before seen species of bat into the world. These bats, isolated and highly adaptable and apparently very hungry, like to eat human flesh and swarm across Europe consuming whole towns and cities. As they go the news follows them and the only way to avoid being eaten is discovered: silence.

If you don’t want to be eaten you have to be quiet.

In England people watch the news in mounting disbelief and horror, barely knowing to believe their eyes. Do they stay put or do they leave? One family decides to make a move for somewhere quiet just as the bats reach the shores of England, and we follow their harrowing journey.

There’s a touch of tired trope in it with a religious type but it goes in an interesting and unexpected direction and in fact it ends up being as unnerving as intended. I think Tim Lebbon definitely knows his onions as this is good, solid horror with a beautiful build of tension, nice gore, a very well conceived story and excellently drawn characters.

Highly recommended.

You can buy the book in the UK here

And in the US here


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