2015 Reading Challenge, Book 24: A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

A tale of philosophy, quantum physics, human connections, history, family, the destructive power of nature and our ability to influence one another. The story of Nao, told through the diary she writes and sends floating off out to sea, and Ruth, who finds the diary washed up on the shore of Vancouver island where she and her husband Oliver live.

I pretty much devoured this book. It’s gloriously written and realised and covers so much, it pulls you in to the stories of these wonderful characters and refuses to let you go. My favourite character is Jiko, Nao’s grandmother, who is a Buddhist nun. The influence she has on Nao is clear but it’s also clear that, without intervention, that influence will not be enough to save her.

A beautifully entwined story of human lives and human histories and the way our struggles and triumphs affect the ones we love.

Highly, highly recommended.

You can buy this book in the UK here

And in the US here


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