2015 Reading Challenge, Book 21: Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Rather excited this week as my book deal was FINALLY announced on Publisher’s Marketplace. WOOT!! It’s a two book deal with Titan Books. The first book, ESCAPOLOGY, will be out in Autumn 2016 and VIROLOGY, the second, will be out in 2017! I’ll be popping up a blog about the whole thing next Monday or Wednesday, so keep an eye out for that!

Onto this week’s review:

I bought this book on the chance spying of a tweet by Jennifer Williams. Her tweet inspired me to go and read the sample and I bought the book right away. This is a fantasy with Slavic mythology in its veins. It follows a young woman Agnieszka and her friend Kasia. They live in a village on the edge of a possessed forest and their entire lives they’ve known they’d be of age when the Dragon comes to choose a maiden.

Now this is no ordinary Dragon, it is the wizard who protects their village from the attacks of the forest and the creatures within it. All their lives Agnieszka and Kasia have thought Kasia would be chosen, as she’s the exact sort the Dragon always chooses; beautiful, gentle and accomplished. However, when the day comes he chooses Agnieszka, albeit reluctantly. She is a latent witch and he is sworn to train all those with latent magic.

There follows a wonderful story about following your instincts, what it is to be a woman, the way humanity damages and betrays nature and the difference one person can make. Every trope used is subverted, every character beautifully drawn, the possessed forest is devious and machievellian but not what you’d imagine, as pretty much nothing is in this book. It always kept me guessing, which I love.


You can buy this book in the UK here

And in the US here


One thought on “2015 Reading Challenge, Book 21: Uprooted by Naomi Novik

  1. Congratulation with professional author status! I haven’t read your blog for a while. Haven’t read anything for weeks, but this book sounded fantastic. I loved how the enthusiasm you call hijacking spilled over and spiced this challenge book. Just what I needed right now! I am starting to get an idea of the kinds of books you like reading, and if they influence you in even the smallest way, autumn 2016 should provide another very nice reading experience.

    I challenged myself to read earlier this year after I had not been able to finished a book for years. I am back to reading regularly again now, even though I had a period recently where there were too much “interference” going on. I have even renewed my friendship with my childhood friend, science fiction.

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