2015 Reading Challenge, Book 18: The Three by Sarah Lotz

So I picked this book up as my Book With A Number In The Title because I was intrigued. Everyone’s been raving about it. It’s a paranormal thriller I suppose, though for me the payoff was a little underwhelming. Not that I was expecting massive creepy stuffs, just a little more meat to the ending bites. I compare it to True Detective in the vlog, which is I suppose not massively fair as TD is a TV series, but I wanted to stress that occulty/paranormal underbellies don’t need to be true for me to enjoy the richness they bring to a book/show etc.

My issue with this was that the paranormal angle is real, though largely unexplained (which I don’t mind), but felt lacking in richness somehow, maybe because the style was sort of epistolary and precluded getting deep into character POVs. She tried to bring that closeness in the statements but I wasn’t feeling it. Full disclosure it takes a LOT to scare me in books so none of the tactics used in this worked. I wanted to be in the lives of the families experiencing the strangeness of being cheek to jowl with the children.

Brief plot overview: There are four simultaneous aeroplane crashes. Horrific ones. Three children survive, one from each crash, with a fourth surviving child the reader sees briefly but is never found or returned to his family. It’s clear from the get go that these children are not what they seem and the story, told in the compiled interviews and statements taken by Elspeth Martins (a writer making a book about the events), follows the devastating events that follow their return to their families.

As you can possibly tell from the review above and the vid below, I wasn’t hugely taken by it, though I would read the next just to see what Sarah Lotz is planning to do with this.

You can buy this book in the UK here

And in the US here


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