MHM – Recovery: Intrusive Thoughts

Today on MHM recovery I’m talking about intrusive thoughts. When you’re still very much ill they can slay you, hold you under the water of your MI and prevent you from breathing. In recovery they take on a new role, trying to make you give up, to turn a minor backslide into a landslide back to illness, trying to trip you up, to make you doubt, to keep you caged.

I also have a minor rant about those irritating ‘You’re responsible for what happens to you’ memes, which don’t mean what they look like they mean, but are easily taken the wrong way and frankly frequently used in the wrong way. Aggravating much!

Also I offer the two techniques (totally non-clinical and my own device that I’ve created for handling my shit) that I use to combat my intrusive thoughts during recovery. They don’t always work, but they work a great deal and they’re helping me to alter my way of thinking so that the bad thoughts intrude less. Eventually I hope to win these particular battles with my head as all these intrusive, unpleasant thoughts are absolute bullshit and have no place in my head or indeed anyone else’s.

Going to pop some links below for CBT and other resources for this issue.


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