2015 Reading Challenge, Book 12: You Get So Alone… by Charles Bukowski

Now, I know Bukowski is dead, so I have no idea why a great deal of this vlog speaks of him in the present tense. I did have a bit in there about not speaking ill of the dead, but I’m not really speaking ill just pointing out the obvious really, so I chopped it out.

I chose poetry because there was none (WTF challenge folk?) and I chose Bukowski because, whilst I often instagram or tweet quotes by him or from his poetry, I actually have a very strong opinion that he’s not that great. Check out the vlog to find out why, and why I think this book of poetry is way too long.

TL;DR or TL;DW of this is that, well, Bukowski was a bit of an old misogynist really and the vast majority of his poems trash women in the most unpleasant fashion. Only about 5% of his output is a thoughtful and occasionally profound statement about the human condition.

Buy this book in the UK here

And in the US here


2 thoughts on “2015 Reading Challenge, Book 12: You Get So Alone… by Charles Bukowski

  1. Enjoyed your review, Ren! I only know The Bluebird, which we read at the funeral of your Byron. Not sure I’ll be looking him up any further, misogyny being SO easy to come by elsewhere in life… Good review, fun to watch.

    1. Some of his poetry is freaking amazing, it’s just he wrote so much more about being a drunk and how needy/boring/cheap/deserving of little respect women are that it’s hard to take the rest seriously.

      And the worst thing is he tried to excuse it by talking smack about himself. No dude, that does not fly!

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