2015 Reading Challenge, Book 11: Wasted and Madness by Marya Hornbacher

I chose to read two books for this category, both memoir as opposed to biography. Marya Hornbacher gets right to the nitty gritty in these books, she tears down any veils of gauze to show herself exactly as she was. That in itself is both vital and hugely helpful, especially for those of us who suffer similarly. We often lie to ourselves that things are not that bad, that we’re OK, coping, doing fine, when the opposite is true.

We hide out of shame, because we fear being stigmatised and judged, in the search for self-destruction, out of sheer bloody-minded refusal to accept that things are this bad. Hiding is never a good option. Only honesty will change anything.

Reading no holes barred accounts can help you look directly at the very real mess you’re currently drowning in, and can be an impetus to finally face that you might need help. Even if you don’t up and get it right away. These are also good books to read if you want to understand how the mind of someone who is very ill works, the lies they tell themselves and you in order to keep their illness hidden.

You can buy Wasted in the UK here

And in the US here

And Madness in the UK here

In the US here


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