MHM 5 – Social Phobia/Anxiety Disorder

This week on Mental Health Monday I’m talking about social phobias, focussing on my experience of them and how I handle them whilst also trying to give an overview of other ways of coping. Possibly better ways than mine, but I am resistant to medication (as in even headache pills rarely work on me) and I am too good at arguing myself out of therapy solutions (AKA a stubborn idiot with a brain that sometimes refuses to see the sensible options).

I cover panic attacks, social anxiety and agoraphobia here. There are other things under the social phobia umbrella (generalised anxiety disorder etc) but I have no personal experience of those and would not presume to advise others on them. You’ll find a load of links below for places to go with proper medical information about all social phobias as well as support/advice sites.

FYI, my agoraphobia was not a response to panic attacks. It was a gradual thing, wherein I came to realise I couldn’t go out without company or else I *would* then panic. As I said in my clinical depression vlog, there was a definite point at which I sat down and realised I could not get past the front door. Though I can’t recall what day it was, it was a defining moment in the downward spiral of my later teens. At the time though I did not even make the connection with my issues getting much worse, I just thought ‘Wow, I can’t go out’. How we fail to see ourselves get slowly so much worse, eh?


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