MHM 4 – Avoidant Personality Disorder and Schizoid Personality Disorder

Time to talk about these puppies. I think some of the most acute moments of ‘suffering’ as it were can come from the most unexpected places. I often find the effects of these two disorders more difficult to deal with than the larger symptoms of my cyclothymia and depression. They do, I suppose, amplify the associated problems and turn an obstacle into an insurmountable object. Not all of the time, but a lot of it for sure.

I get brutally honest in this about how much these disorders affect my life, and those effects can also apply to any other disorder I have, though results and outcomes may differ. It’s all unpleasant, which is why we so desperately seek recovery when we are finally able to.

Few linkies below for anyone wanting to bone up on the more medical terminology or for anyone who might want to seek help for their APD or SPD. I haven’t gone into any info medical/medicinal in the vlog as I’ve had no experience of that for mine.


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