2015 Reading Challenge, Book 5: Ack Ack Macaque by Gareth L. Powell

I’m two books ahead of this, so I’m feeling pretty smug right now. Of course, these vlogs are getting less and less views, so I’m pretty sure no one else is as delighted as I am of this swathe of reading. Anyhow, my aim is to get these vlogs shorter, punchier and more fun, especially as the mental health vlogs might be a touch heavy going. So please do give this one a try and do go and check the book out, it’s a lot of fun and very strong!

Also, few things to note. When I say plastides, I mean gel-ware, they are made of plastides according to the book but are referred to as gel-ware, I just blanked it for some reason. I mean plastides does roll off the tongue rather splendidly. Also Celestine is not the Queen, she is the Duchess, and that’s actually quite important to the plot! *coff*

Anyhoo, here it is. Enjoy!

You can buy this wonderful book on Amazon UK here.

And on Amazon US here.


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