2015 Reading Challenge, Book 4: Moxyland by Lauren Beukes

Now I’m probably being a touch controversial here, as I have problems with this one, the same problems I’ve had with every book I’ve read by Lauren Beukes. Something always feels like it’s missing. A piece out of place. I am always left dissatisfied. This does not mean to say I dislike her writing. I love it. This woman can write one hell of a sentence and her books are imbued with that depth of subject and context that brings a great deal of genre fiction close to being literary. I enjoy all that very much, and yet I still find myself wanting for something in her books that doesn’t seem to be there. Maybe this is more of my reader problems, but to have it so consistently across all of her books…I’m not so sure it is.

So, here follows my review-not-review of Moxyland by Lauren Beukes, the ‘Book That I Didn’t Finish’, and I’ve explained briefly why I did not originally get to finish this book when I first began reading it about two years ago as well. As usual links to buy the book will be below the embedded video here and in the description box on YouTube.

You can buy Moxyland on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here.


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