MHM AKA Mental Health Monday

Here we go. This was supposed to start last week, but technical difficulties kind of got in the way. MHM are set to be almost entirely vlogs. They’ll be informal, informative (hopefully) and chatty (though not too much). I’ve started here by going over my diagnoses so that anyone who watches these who is suffering themselves knows that they’re listening to someone with experience of dealing with significant MH problems.

I’ve tried to give a little information on each diagnosis, but I will be doing separate vlogs on each one for the sake of imparting more detailed information about the diagnoses and how they’ve affected me, so I didn’t want to go on in this initial vlog.

Just an FYI: there will be posts on this blog that are not connected to YouTube, and there will be YouTube videos not shared on this blog. I want to diversify, not become entrenched. That’s the whole point of this. So there will be Favoured Fives, ranty blogs, poetry and fiction just on here, and there will be booktube stuff and tags over on YouTube.

Link to the UK advocacy service site is here.


4 thoughts on “MHM AKA Mental Health Monday

  1. Really interesting Ren. Thanks for being so brave and candid. I’ll listen to the others and maybe you’ll answer this there but just in case… You say you’d now fight tooth and nail not to regress. How much can you affect your own illness? I know that positive attitudes etc can mitigate or help with lots of conditions but there are also lots of things attitude doesn’t fix – that you simply have no control over as an individual sufferer. Do you know where that line is for MH sufferers, or perhaps just for you? Or were you referring to other things you can do which aren’t about attitude but are practical or treatment strategies?
    Louise x

    1. I was referring to sinking back into safe patterns of thinking/acting/being. You can fight these patterns (one hell of a battle even when in recovery and willing to fight) or you can return to them. They’re a comfort of sorts, though a false one. 🙂

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