2015 Reading Challenge: Book Two: The Peripheral by William Gibson

Here it is, book two. The book set in the future. I waffled on for an AGE about this, and had to cut a tonne of my wafflings. Mainly stuff about Lowbeer, one of my fave characters, as that all got a bit spoilerific, but ugh I loved her, that ambiguous, wheeler-dealering, complex woman whose fingerprints were all over the story and events. I also had to cut my extended ramble about how awesome the book is in terms of gender diversity and diversity in general. Just absolutely stellar that a big name in scifi is inclusive of women, the LBGTQ community and people with disabilities in his books.

I cut, too, the minor whinge about the slightly hollywood ending. It is a trifle cliche ridden, but the story has so much of darkness in it, such bleak predictions for our future, that I suspect he wanted to lighten the meal. It wasn’t a bum note, just a little saccharine is all. Another cut was how the wealthy were able, in the wake of the loss of 80% of society, to fix the problems that caused the Jackpot. So they are living in a relatively stable world, though far from ideal, which is an important driver for the plot itself (I accidentally let in spoilers and, as I said before, I will NOT be including *massive* spoilers in this vlogs, only ever minor plot points that do not spoil the story for those who’ve not yet read).

Now to the things I forgot to mention in all my wafflings.  My timings for years was a touch over-precise. I meant to say *about* 30 and *about* 100. Sigh. How meaning changes if we forget a word! Another omission due to forgetfulness is that the connections generated by the entanglement software are called stubs. In the wafflings I cut about science fixing the Jackpot probs I had neglected to mention the Assemblers. Do NOT know how I forgot to waffle about those as I adored that idea and one of those cool peeps who predicts where tech will be in the next hundred years has it down as a possibility, so wow. How awesome would that be?  There’s a load of other stuff I did not forget to mention per se, I just decided not to, as I knew I’d go on for ever as it was. Yup.

I hope what I’ve left is useful and encourages those who’ve not yet read this book to go give it a try!

All links to buy the book in question will of course be on YouTube in the description box, and below the embedded video in this post!

Anyway, without further ado, my lovely Peripheral ramble:

You can find The Peripheral on amazon in the UK here.

And in the US here.


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