New things and Youtube…

i-can-do-new-things-300x197Well then, hello 2015! For propers. This year I won’t be offering any serial fiction on here as I’m concentrating on both writing and getting my shit together with a few business ideas I have. Usually I have serial fiction on this blog and the occasional thoughts piece or poem or review. I tried some new stuff last year that sort of went nowhere thanks to my laziness but this is all change time. This year there will be a plethora of new things. New, hopefully fun things. Oh yes indeed!

Firstly, I’m doing the 2015 reading challenge (you can find a pretty picture of that on my Pinterest here) and reviewing all the books I read on it, but I won’t be writing these reviews, no. I will be vlogging them and uploading them to my Youtube channel (which thus far I’ve only used for watching videos, so I am excited to be making them as I love that whole area of visual media)! Yay, new things!

Here’s the first video, an introduction of sorts:

Please go and subscribe, or just watch them on here, as they’ll all be embedded in their relevant posts. Either way, I’ll be delighted!

Secondly I’ll finally be getting around to those Mental Health Mondays. Some will be written and some will be vlogs. Check out the Youtube vid to find out more about that! Also to find out about the final new thing, my “ON…” posts and vlogs, which will be anything I feel like: film reviews, opinions, articles, essays, even the odd bit of fiction or poetry here and there. Pretty much whatever my tiny little brain desires. 🙂

And that’s going to be 2015 on this blog. I hope you’ll come along for the ride and comment and enjoy. Look forward to seeing you very soon with the first vlog review and the first Mental Health Monday next week.



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