Idea Factory…Take 1

This is a little experiment of sorts. I’m compiling an idea factory. Every week, or every other week, there’ll be a series of images, a couple of curious things to research, or a news story or essay/article about some fascinating thing I’ve discovered, maybe a music video to add to the collage. Now this is not something I’m intending to do just for me.  No indeed, it’s for anyone who wants to be inspired really, so here’s the thing, this is an audience participation game! I want your contributions, your weird tit bits, images, songs – nothing you intend to keep for yourself of course (unless you’re OK with sharing stuff you’ve found inspiration in-I’ll certainly be sharing all mine, but that’s my choice, there’s no onus to share).

Above is the link to my Idea Factory page on my pinterest, and the general notion is that, if you want to, you can send me your pinterest name by following the board on twitter, emailing me at the address in my ‘about me’ section on this site, or by putting your pinterest handle in the comments, and I’ll add you to the board so you can pin random, interesting, story fodder into it. May work, may not. Either way, let’s try to have fun, or I’ll have fun all on my own. 😛

Today’s images/subjects/random thought shoots are as follows (I’ll post them on here every week without the pinterest quips, which are my own random thoughts about what they could be used for. You can go along to the board and add your own comments imagining what the pictures might mean, collectively or singly, or comment about them here. It’s just an experiment and all in the spirit of fun and creativity):




























Your random subjects to research and reinvent are: Gematria and The False Face Society – no face values here (pardon the pun), these are starting points, jumping boards, beginnings – use them to hunt your own ideas and meanings.

My thought shoots include icons and symbology in ritual, mis-fired biogenesis, forbidden desire, half-finished cyborgs, hidden pagan temples found in the ruins of cathedrals, the possible power in the secret languages of architects and craftsmen, carved into the beams and blocks, and Pan’s dark brother, long since forgotten. The faceless man.





A little of this might also be interesting:

Because simplicity is boring.

Oh and, hey, if you wanna write stories from this, for some magazine you fancy subbing to but had no ideas for anything to sub, or for blogging, or even for flashes/micro fics etc you feel like whacking in the comments or on your own blog, or twitter/fb, please do, and please tell me about it. I do want to know if this is buttering anyone’s bread, or floating any boats, sparking some plugs or otherwise exciting a body here or there. If no one digs this or whatever, I’ll be over here, sobbing into my tea. Not really 😛 This is for fun. Do it, don’t do it, laugh at me, with me, poke fun or poke the screen. Do what thou wilt with this but, by thunder, enjoy it!


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