This Is How You Die – Spectacular Pre-order Linky with Free Stories & Super Fun Trailer!

mod2-finalWell, it’s been in my ‘Upcoming Publications and Stories in the Wild’ page for some time that I sold a story to the barnstorming follow-up to the incredible, best selling, MACHINE OF DEATH anthology. My story is a strange (no, really?!) and slightly disjointed (how surprising) cyber/bio-punk tale called ‘IN SLEEP’. It was my first ever sale, and I’m actually extremely proud of it.

The book within whose pages it delicately resides (at pg 379 if yer interested ( I was ;P) ) is called THIS IS HOW YOU DIE. Published by Grand Central Publishing, this very book comes out *fanfare* next Tuesday, July the 16th (oh dear Hades, that’s a mere 8 days away *faints*), and you can go and pre-order it RIGHT NOW. Yes indeedy! NOW. GO GO GO!!! *Marine face*

Why should you? Well now, not only does this epic tome contain 31 entirely different and wonderful stories about the Machine of Death, taking you through every genre known to writer-kind, it also abounds with awesome illustrations and a selection of mini comic strips. It is, in fact, a literary BONANZA, a book of wonderful things. Who would not wish to own a copy of this?

Ereader or bookshelf, it doesn’t matter, this book is a thing of beauty, and a thing of beauty…well, you know how the saying goes. One of Publisher’s Weekly Best Summer Books of 2013 and boasting a terrific Kirkus review (that you can read on the pre-order page imma gunna linky), you’re guaranteed a quality read, even if not all the stories are to your taste.

So, without further ado, here’s that linky to take you to the fabulous pre-order page, with loads more info about the book, FREE STORIES to read from within its pages, and a BRILLIANT trailer:

Go forth, check it out, please pre-order as it’s such a great book, even better than the first!

Thanks fer reading my warblings! Do come back fer more if ya like. 🙂


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