Clarion West Write-a-Thon: Sunday Check Numero Deux

38984352994578555_Jy42DJHg_f-300x268So here we are again, on Sunday, doin’ the checking in dance. How have I fared this week? I hit my 1k a day target, *loud crazy cheers* but a lot of those were rewriting words *less loud crazy cheers*. My count of entirely new words, as in words on brand new scenes, is 4k. Now I know words are words, and any new words in old scenes are still new, but the idea here is kinda ‘keep moving the novel forward’ not ‘go back and tinker with bits you already wrote’. I’ll admit, the whole tinkering thing is kind of part of my process. It’s how I keep my brain in the novel world as I’m not really much of planner or note-taker anymore, and it also helps me keep various POVs in my head, various flavours of character voice. Not to mention that old ‘can’t move on till the music’s right’ feeling you get when something back there is simply not hitting the correct combo of notes. Anyhow, I’m still trying for 1k a day at the very least of brand new, so whilst I will mention and be proud of the tinkering stuff, I want to remain focused on the shiny new.

What else is new? Well, the novel was in chapters. Lots of them. This week I realised that, not only was that confusing, it wasn’t really working for the book at all. That needed fixing, so fix it I did, and now Escapology comes in parts. Not sure how many, only that I’m almost finished with Part the First. One or two more scenes and that sucker is written. That means my next job is to plan out Part the Second in me heed, which is basically where I do all the planning because, well, the hands have never been so good with the writing that’s legible and er…they sorta struggle to keep up with the old head, meaning the crappy handwriting becomes even more crappy…you get where I’m going with that? Yeah. That moment you look at your notes, needing to rely on them, and they’re written in Ancient Babylonian. This is why I keep as much as possible in ye old bonce, or write blocks of it in BIG SCARY CAPITALS all over my MS, so I won’t, you know, forget to see them. Dunno about you, but once I write something down my head thinks ‘oh, we don’t need that anymore, it’s written doooown’ and dumps it. Useful. *engage maximum sarcasm mode*

More exciting news about Part the Second is that Escapology is BIG and COMPLICATED and this means Part the Second will not be usual middle book fare, yunno, the stuff that struggles to prevent itself from emulating middle aged spread, no indeed, that shit is gonna be tenseTalk about action packed. Sardines, baby, sardines. Pretty much the whole second act will comprise of things going wrong or KABLAM. The ‘oh shit’ factor will be fairly high, oh yes indeedy…aaaand I realise now I am waaaaay over selling this, so I’m a gunna shut the heck up before I trip over my tongue (or rather my fingers) and make with the excerpt. Stop sighing with relief…verbal diarrhoea is a CONDITION. *genuine affliction face*

This week I bring you a leetle snippet of our main protag, a fellow named Shock Pao. He’s a clever lad fallen on tough times thanks to his mild inability to conform, you might call it a social dysfunction, but he’d rather be that than functioning, because functioning in Shock’s world is even more of a misfortune than not. In this snippet we find Shock on the receiving end of a call from Johnny Sez, a lower level Hack whose current girlfriend happens to be Shock’s somewhat loathed ex, Mim, who Shock’s been doing a little job for. This call is unpleasant in various ways; a) Shock doesn’t want to talk to Sez at all, he’s not jealous (you got the whole loathing of the Mim bit, yeah?), he just hates the guy and b) Sez has some interesting news about who Mim, and therefore by association, Shock, is actually working for. Fun times!:

There’s another wind down his IM. More like a hurricane this time. Johnny’s sighing. What the fuck? Shock grinds his teeth. When does a lowlife like Sez get to sigh at him?

Man, dude, bro, it’s the Harmony’s, Johnny replies. He actually sounds a little apologetic. And scared. A lot scared. She’s getting this for the Harmony’s. Dig? You want them to have to call and ask you to do this? Because they will y’know, and I can’t guarantee they’ll be as polite as me.

Hit by the overwhelming desire to lob his noodle bowl through the window, Shock has to sit there breathing it out for a while. It just had to be the Harmony’s, didn’t it? Why can Mim never, ever do anything simple? Anything not suicidal. Not to mention the bitch knows he’s in trouble with the Harmony’s, so getting him involved in this is 100% proof pure malice. He’ll get animus poisoning and die, if Li Harmony doesn’t get him first. That woman has it in for him, which in relative terms is like having a psychopathic toddler want to make a cat’s cradle from your intestines. The woman has no reason, and no way of being reasoned with.

The simple explanation behind his still being alive is Li’s delight in how much fear the mere threat of her wanting to kill you can provoke. When she’s done making him scared, when she wants to hurt him, she’ll find him, no matter how careful or clever he’s been. Li’s like him, in the top 0.5%, but her gifts lie in a different direction. She’s what’s known in the hacking world as an Archaeologist. Any personal information, anything pertaining to your history, past or recent, she can dig it out. There’s no hiding from Li. So best not give her an excuse to come find him. Best just grit his teeth harder and be a good Haunt. After all, he’s only had half his payment. The rest of his flim is on the line, and living on nothing is scientifically impossible. You can breathe air for sure, but you can’t eat it. That crap is not nourishing.

So, there ye have eet. Remember, if you’re of a mind to, considering I’m thus far being a good writer, hitting mah targets and all, you might wanna head on over to my Write-a-Thon profile here and press on that donate button. Anything is gratefully received by Clarion West, even a single $, but if you donate $10 or over, I’ll write you your own personal flash fiction from a starter point of three words, terms or organisms, anything your crazy mind, or a google search, can throw out there. So go along and support a great organisation. Doooo eeet!

And to conclude my check in, here’s a monkey playing the guitar:



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