Urban Occult Limited Pre-Order Delights.

UrbanOccultEbook-LoresOh gosh, if you’ve been clapping yer peepers on my little page outlining my stories out in the wild, or soon to be unleashed, you might have found those selfsame orbs alighting upon a little creation called ‘Urban Occult’. I am rather proud of this one as I’m alongside some rather belting authors and that, good ladies and gents, is not a regular happenstance. No indeed. I’m hoping it might become one, but as we are denied glimpses of the future I’m just going to have to milk this one for all it’s worth.

Now, this puppy is pencilled in for a release on the 25th of March, but our generous publisher Anachron Press has unleashed a whole plague of awesome with a pre-order deal to make the tightest wallet wobble open. The first 50 lucky people to pre-order a print copy of ‘Urban Occult’ will also receive a free ebook of ‘Urban Occult’, a free ebook of the fabulous ‘Day of Demons’, also published by Anachron Press, not to mention these fortunate 50 will have their print copies delivered early, on the 4th of March, well before the release date and (oh yes, there’s an and) shipping for these pre-orders (and ONLY these) will the same to any part of the world. Marvellous!

If you think you’d like to be one of the 50 lucky blighters to snag this deal, then please click the link below and get on that shit, before 50 other lucky blighters get there first!

Urban Occult Limited Pre-Order

Limited to 50.

Behind urban life, weird and horrific things fester. 

The whispers and chills of things long gone… the promise of power from the darkness… the seduction of those that lie in the shadows… the occult is all around us: in town houses, in mansions, and in your very own street.

Editor Colin F. Barnes collected together fifteen stories by a cast of critically acclaimed authors from around the globe who look into the stygian gloom, explore the dark corners of our houses, and peer into the abyss of human temptation.

Featuring stories by: Gary McMahon, Ren Warom, Gary Fry, Mark West, K.T. Davies, Nerine Dorman, Alan Baxter, Adam Millard, Julie Travis, Jason Andrew, James Brogden, A.A Garrison, Jennifer Williams, Sarah Anne Langton, and Chris Barnham.

Special Pre-Order Edition Limited to 50.

This pre-order edition means you will get the book at least a week to two weeks ahead of general release and:

A FREE ebook version (for any eReader)

and A FREE ebook of Day of Demons. (eBooks will be emailed to you on the 4th of March).

Just £9.99 (+£2.99 shipping anywhere in the world).

Pre-Order here: http://www.anachronpress.com/product/anthologies/urban-occult-limited-pre-order/

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