Guest Post & Competition: Colin F.Barnes brings Artificial Evil into the world!

ArtificialEvilBookCover-WebToday I am delighted to have the magnificent Colin F.Barnes land on my blog again, promoting his debut novel, the cyberpunk techno-thriller ‘Artificial Evil – Book 1 of The Techxorcist’. Not only can you find out all about this brilliant debut, you can also WIN a copy of the ebook!

That’s right, two lucky wee blighters can snap up a copy entirely for free! And how, you ask? Why, simply by tweeting the competition tweet at the end of this post, it is that simple. Jeez, couldn’t be simpler if you had to streak in public with ‘I heart Colin Barnes books’ printed in purple across your buttocks…which may constitute a somewhat less than realistic idea of simple. *cough*

Enough of my waffle. I present to you ‘Artificial Evil’ and the two ebook giveaway of DOOOOOOOM:





Artificial Evil: Book 1 of The Techxorcist Giveaway



Three hackers. A deadly plot. One chance to save humanity.



In the tradition of William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and Richard Morgan, British writer Colin F. Barnes delivers a cyberpunk tech thriller for the modern age.


2153. Post-cataclysm. The last city exists beneath a dome where the mysterious benefactors ‘The Family’ tightly control the population with a death lottery and a semi-autonomous network.


All is well until the day family man Gerry Cardle, head of the death lottery, inexplicably finds himself the no.1 target of a malicious Artificial Intelligence. Gerry’s numbers are up, and he has just 7 days to save himself,  find the source of the AI, and keep the last stronghold of humanity safe.


Gerry finds help in the shadows of the city from two rogue hackers: Petal – a teenage girl with a penchant for violence, hacking systems and general anarchy, and: Gabriel – a burnt-out programmer-turned-priest with highly augmented cybernetics.


With his new team, Gerry discovers there is more beyond the dome than The Family had let on, and his journey to find the source of the AI leads him through a world of violence, danger, and startling revelations.


Everything is not as it seems.

Gerry is not who he thinks he is.

Evil can be coded…. can Gerry and his friends stop it before it destroys humanity?


Artificial Evil is book 1 of 3 of The Techxorcist series. The larger-than-life offspring of Blade Runner, Mad Max, and The Exorcist.




“Artificial Evil: Book 1 of The Techxorcist sees the revival of everything we used to love about cyber punk, repackaged with new twists in this tech thriller. This is a brilliant tale that combines fantastic characters, great tech and a little bit of good old fashioned possession” – Adele Wearing, Un:Bound


A story that opens the mind to possibilities, crazy ideas that somehow seem plausible, Texchorcist is an exploration of how much we’re willing to give up to be free, and how far we’re willing to go to keep that freedom.” – Krista Walsh, Raven’s Quill.




Print: 978-0-9572615-7-0

EPUB: 978-0-9572615-8-7

MOBI: 978-0-9572615-9-4


Publication date: November 21st 2012


Competition Rules:

To enter, all you need to do is tweet the tweet text below. We’ll collate all the entries, and two winners will receive an ebook package of the book. (All formats for all readers included). The draw will be one week from today.


Get tweeting!


Competition Tweet:

I wanna get jacked in to @ColinFBarnes’s technothriller novel ‘Artificial Evil: Book 1 of the Techxorcst’.


If of course you’d rather not wait and just buy a copy, you can do so from one of these fine retailers:



Anachron Press
Amazon: US | UK |
Epub: Kobo | Lulu

B&N & iBookstore coming soon.

Anachron Press
Amazon: US | UK |CreateSpace

Sample Chapter



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