Lucky Seven Meme

Both Colin Barnes and Fran Terminiellio tagged heck out of me for this Lucky 7 Meme post madness, this means I should probably spew out a non-Umwelt blog, right? Right. 😛 Here we go…

Rules of the game (fairly simple and fun):

*Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP

*Go to line 7

*Copy down the next 7 lines (sentences or paragraphs) and post them exactly as they’re written. No cheating.

*Tag 7 authors

*Let them know

So now you know the ruleage, here are my seven lines from (drum roll) ‘Coil’:


He’s in his surgery and Bone and Stark are forced to stand watching his arm deep intrusion into the tender-looking cavity he’s sliced into a man’s gut. It makes even Bone, more than accustomed to the view under skin, past muscle, a little queasy. He’s used to seeing this sort of handling on a dead body, not on a soul who expects to wake up from anaesthesia in a few hours. He begins to understand why it is Striga’s shop runs to a soundtrack of screams. After a moment, Satyr pulls his mask down under his chin and grins at them, busying his hands once again in the viscera of the man on the table.

‘Well, well,’ he says, ‘the Bone-man and a genuine side of Pork. To what do I owe this insalubrious trespass?’

Bone nods. ‘We’re given to understand you may have been engaged in tattooing again a few months back?’


So there you have it, a little taster of the titan that’s had me in its meaty grip for the past couple of years.

Now to whom do I attach a tag? Choices choices…

Anne Michaud


Joseph Pinto

Leonard White

Stephen Godden

Julie Erwin

Victoria Griesdoorn

Voila! So many folk I follow and know have already been tagged with this I think I’ve done rather well in finding some new victims… I mean bloggers, of course… to keep this marvellous meme rolling.

Hope you all enjoyed the taster of Coil, please do go visit the folks I’ve tagged, they’re all truly excellent writers and great folk!


3 thoughts on “Lucky Seven Meme

  1. The priests must be told of this. He must tell them. Or lose his soul to quivering fire.
    But first he had to survive the night.
    The red moon rose.

    Chapter ##

    The red moon rose high and bright, outshining the silver of its cousin. The light shone down upon the isle of Symcani. An isle that had not changed its truth in over 5000 years. An isle dotted across with monuments to those that came before.

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