Poetic interlude: “What the Eye Sees”



Explosions of light

Parabolas arcing from water

Great still bodies

Serve as mirrors

To clone a placid sky



A tornado rising

Of wing feathers

Great choking masses

In Tumultous Gossiping unison

A funnel of consuming black



Fills the pupil void

Contracted to period point

Drenched, savaged

By roaring light feedback


Welded up against the glass


© Ren Warom 2008


8 thoughts on “Poetic interlude: “What the Eye Sees”

    1. I used to travel to university on the train. Every day I passed a wildlife area just before Stafford, it was stark, wild and idyllic. A small river branched across the whole in vein-like abstrusions, in summer its banks would flood to create these mirror-still lakes across the grass. Hundreds of canada geese would gather on the water and, when the train rattled past, they would rise in unison against the sun, crying out, becoming a funnel of silhouetted wings. This was my recording of that moment in words on one particularly dazzling summer’s day. It is abstract because the moment was separate, jewel-like, I could not easily describe it as it was happening in too concrete terms without entirely destroying the visceral beauty of it.

  1. This photograph is fabulous. I love pictures of a tumult of flying birds. Here you have also captured this in contrast to the emptiness of the landscape.
    I like the poem too. Not abstract at all.

    1. Photo is not mine. Wouldn’t take credit for that as I’m no photographer – it has no credits to plug alas or I’d shout them to the hilltops. It was on a photography technique site and it is very beautiful. Glad you liked the poem 🙂

  2. That was awesome. Very often I will read a poem and it does nothing for me. Other times I will read one which has perhaps one or two magical lines that haunt me. This masterful work does that with each and every line. I don’t think it could have been anymore perfect.
    I am a classic rock guy. I don’t listen to a lot of classical music. When I do, I want power, not the sweet pretty violins. I want the crash and the boom! I like that in my poetry as well. This does that for me.
    Very well done. Seriously.
    Just awesome!


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