Aesthetica Creative Works And The Liebster Award

Not so long ago, on a pure whim and at the very last minute, I entered two stories into the Aesthetica Creative Works competition. I’ve had a special mention in the selfsame comp two years ago and I had a couple of stories I thought would suit this year, so I just sent them off and put it out of my mind.

Imagine my delight then, when several months later I receive an email congratulating me as one of my stories had been selected as a finalist! Stunned. They have thousands of entries and the quality is super high and so I am both completely flabbergasted and super proud to be amongst the 50 finalists (25 fiction and 25 poetry) chosen to grace the pages of the yearly Annual.

It’s published this week and, if you’ve never read it please do. Well apart from my rather gritty, urban story ‘Puddle’, I can guarantee that the annual will be packed full of awesome new short fiction and poetry from around the world.

If you love stories and poetry, go check it out (bottom of the page linked in ‘Annual’). It’s not cheap for sure but it’s a beautiful product and hey… I’m in it 😛 *Woots and does naked dance through freezing house*

Secondly, and this is really rather bloody amazing. I found out today that I’ve been nominated for an award – my second only award ever in the (admittedly short) history of my blogging!! Woot (again)! It’s the Liebster Award and is generally given to people with less than 200 followers who deserve a little extra recognition. Pretty picture:

I was awarded this fine nomination by the delightful, brooding Joseph Pinto (thanks again, Joseph!) – go frolic over to his blog and read the teaser posts of his incredible memoir of his father’s fight with cancer. Check out his rather spooky Flowers for Evelene. Oh yes, for he is a purveyor of the horrific and creepy and an all round good fellow. Honestly he said such a wonderful amount of ridiculously lovely things about my writing I seriously don’t know how to thank him enough. It’s always just awesome when someone enjoys your work as much as you enjoy creating it, isn’t it? 🙂

Now, there’s apparently a whole bunch of rules going with this blog. I’ve completed two of them (pic and linky to the fine personage who nominated me) now I’m supposed to do the whole pass it on shizzle to 5 folk who I know deserve more recognition. I have a few ideas…

So, here are the 5 to whom I hand this delightful award on to. They are as follows: -Scientist by day, writer by night, a whole bucket of pure awesome at both and then some, read her stories in the City of Hell if you don’t believe me. This lady has got it going ON and she deserves a little more blog love, by thunder! Worship her! Go on! For she is brainy, beautiful and talented – what a package! – Blades and words like cutting edges, oh yes they gather here like crows, wheeling and scouring the earth with hungry black eyes for worthy morsels. Chase the breeze to her blog and land amongst the veritable cornucopia of her full and eventful life. There’s fencing… oh yes indeed. – Here’s a Gothtastic lady of the night who means to make mischief and, believe me, you’ll want to be there when she does. Elegant, mysterious and poetic, the lady has it all, she’s even got it in the City of Hell. Not only will you find gorgeous flash fiction and poetry on her site, you’ll also be treated to the delights of her recent visit to China. One word: amazing! – Where do I start? Not only is the lady an incredible artist whose creations have me drooling like a drag queen in an ‘extra large sizes’ Louboutin boutique but she’s a super fascinating lady, an all round figure of dapper-minded brilliance. Check out the site of her alter ego Adelaide Grimm as well as her blog filled with quirky wit and observances. – He’s tall, articulate and musical and he writes books with naughty women in as well as SF with mammoths, I am telling you, this man is the future. On his blog you’ll find short stories, thoughtful musings on writing, some links to his music and a plethora of fun guest posts. What could be better? Recognise!

That’s me lot and what a marvellous lot they are. Go visit them, I’m sure you’ll agree! Tally ho!


8 thoughts on “Aesthetica Creative Works And The Liebster Award

  1. Congrats, Milady of little faith. I keeps on telling you that you is flying and you keeps on saying it ain’t true, that the world is crushing you down buglike into the hidden places, that you be dreaming instead of scheming.

    You gotsta believe

    You gotsa

    Work is work, dirt is dirt, and worth is worth


    1. I’m hopeful. Still scared shitless of what mundane crap I may have to fight through in 2012 but if I let it drag me down then I’m asking to fail. If I were a person who welcomed failure I’d be long gone. I’m a survivor, me, a fighter. It’s in my genes. Can’t deny genetic imperative, no matter how scared you are. When the call to charge rings out, fear is replaced by adrenalin and pure, ferocious will. Which is a load of old bollocks really… but also true 🙂

    1. Do as I did. Hunt through the folks you chat to most and admire most on twitter and see which ones aren’t getting the sort of attention you personally think they should have. Then spam ’em with DMs 😛

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