Bit o’ Poetry… Sylvan (Pan)acea

Our Madrigals

Winsome and graceless

Bring seasons of fractured glass.

In netted skirts

Gaily whirling, our rose petal nipples

Float adrift in a fleshy sea.



Cock crows, crows shriek

A cackle of morning

Thunderstorm sky

Exuding rain as sweat

Sipping grenadine from eggcups

Languid as swan-necks

We are drenched and shattered.


We spin webs of silver

Groaning goblets of digitalis

Overflow and blacken

Into ashen limbs, a dazzling ruin

Frostbitten lips whiten

With particles intricate as lace.


Dew clings, fragile as tears

Echoes of pipe music

Float the horizon soft as cloud

Our skirts become full

Our feet quicken

And the dance begins again.


© Ren Warom 2007



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