City of Hell Rises!

Well, it’s the first of December and Maurr is finally amongst us. You can now pop along to several fine establishments and buy not only the ebook but also a beautiful print copy (see links below). I bought a couple of copies myself, for posterity (this is my first officially published story) and because this is an awesome book, and the print copies are absolutely gorgeous. Within the pages of this fine tome there are eight terrifying tales. All manner of horror can be found within the pages of City of Hell Chronicles Volume 1, all pulled together by a unifying theme that was the diseased brainchild of Colin Barnes. It goes a little something like this:



There is no god, no angels, no redemption. There is no hope, only suffering. The great Ant-headed Maurr has risen and brought hell to earth. The land is scorched and the human race decimated, eaten or tortured. Only three cities remain, a crumbled dying version of their former selves: London, Moscow and Hong Kong.The Maurr’s own City of Hell dominates most of North America. Its diabolical influence has turned ordinary citizens into torturers, debased slaves, lunatics and zealots.

With an eruption at Yellowstone, the likes of which humanity had never seen before, the Maurr tore apart the land, and ascended to rule, aided by its faithful army of acolytes. From the core of the earth it crawled up on to the land, spreading disease and insanity to all corners of the globe.

The City of Hell Chronicles tell the tales of survival, death and debauchery.


The Chronicles have been making their way around reviewers and we already have a raft of awesome reviews:

The Eloquent Page

Tony’s Thoughts

Fantasy Opinion

Goodreads Reviews

So, if you fancy buying and reading a bunch of disturbing, chilling, gruesome and yet entirely human, character driven tales, the Chronicles await your horrified eyes. Go and buy them now, at ridiculously reasonable prices, at:


You will not be disappointed!

In other news my little competition to win two free copies of this ebook, ends at midnight tonight. So this is your LAST CHANCE to write a 100 word tale of terror involving a door and WIN yourself a copy of this fabulous collection of stories.

Go forth and create: City of Hell competition

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