City of Hell… C.I.D. to terrorise Hong Kong…

If you haunt the hallowed halls of Tokyo’s Japcore scene you’ll know everything about C.I.D.

Capitalistic Idiot Dogs/Crazy Iron Drillbit/Catastrophic Insurgent Defeat. These crazy cats, no matter what you call them, have been tearing up the scene for four years.

Creating mayhem, redefining boundaries and trashing venues wherever they go, they dominate. Sho Kasai, Sadao Tanabi and Jin Sato are the new agents of the apocalypse.

Starting underground as a guerilla garage band in 2015, they at first refused to make records. But rabid demand grew and grew and by the end of 2016 they were beginning to come around.

Their first EP ‘If You Can’t Make It, Steal It’ – released on their own label ‘SkullFuckTheRich’ – crashed into the scene like a tsumani in 2017, sweeping all competition out of the door into the dust. Since that jaw-ripping scream of a debut they’ve released three monstrous albums:

‘FleshEater Money Monkey’ – released in 2018 their debut album took their scream punk beginnings and melded it to grindcore and electro to make a hybrid behemoth offspring to devour the world. It made ears bleed, blood combust and hearts explode.

‘Gaping Hole Orgasm’ followed in 2019, a slightly heavier, meatier sound with elements of doom and thrash destroyed all rumours of these maniacs ever losing their edge. It dominated and oppressed, hardwired and electrified. Fused brains into a lumpen steaming mass.

Early this year they released their current demonic opus ‘Fuck Money’. Fusing a cannibalistic roar of death metal into pure, funked-out, Japcore sleaze, it reinvents the genre with a swaggering, pulsing organ of fucking destruction.

Last night I was there again to witness their crash-landing at Shinjuku Loft in Tokyo, one of my long time favourite venues and one they’ve flattened numerous times since 2018. As ever, they tore the place to smithereens. Opening with the sternum crushing brutality of ‘Swag’ they proceeded to rip through a set spanning all the years since their inception. A barrage of sonic ammunition.

Such classics as ‘Vomit Purge’ and ‘Siren’ spewed alongside brand new tracks from ‘Fuck Money’ like ‘Wall Street Germ’ and ‘Trust Fund Terrorist’. Every track laid down a hardcore hammer of screaming sound, sending the full capacity 500 strong crowd into a frenzy. It was hot, hellish and homicidal.

It delights this sorry bag of journalistic bones to announce they closed with a track not played since 2016, before they’d committed anything to disc. A love letter to those of us who’ve followed, faithful and deranged, their rise from guerilla gigs to Tokyo’s premier rock clubs. The unrelenting dirge-like fury of ‘Animus’.

I left the Loft drenched in blood, sweat and a savage urge to fuck the eviscerated guts of the establishment. I’m supposed to rate these but how do you rate the best? These guys nail it down, implode its guts out of its nostrils, set fire to it and dance in its remains. They are simply un-rateable.

If any of you scum are out in Hong Kong this Friday go see them at Joe Bananas, they deliver nothing less than full on balls and breasts out fury. They are Capitalistic Idiot Dogs and they will annihilate your eardrums.

© Lance Abbott 2020

This piece is fictional and written as promotional material for my story ‘The Door From Below’ appearing in the City Of Hell anthology. For all your CoH curiosities, please go investigate at the wonderful portal of hell central: You can also follow on twitter @thecityofhell. Something terrible this way comes this Christmas… you better watch out… and you had better not cry… they might hear you.


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